Studies show that practicing Self-Love can boost self-esteem and confidence.

Achieve true self-love with our science-backed Masterclass

Who should take this course:

+ Individuals who struggle with self-esteem and self-worth

+ People who have a hard time forgiving themselves or letting go of past mistakes

+ Those who have a history of toxic relationships or have difficulties setting boundaries

+ Individuals who want to learn how to build resilience and cope with stress

+ People who have a tendency to put the needs of others before their own

+ Those who want to learn how to better care for themselves emotionally and mentally

+ People who want to discover their passions and purpose in life by overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs

Self-Love is something that we all need more of, Switch’s Self-Love Program is one of the most intentional programs I’ve ever seen.

- Jay Shetty



The Self-Love Masterclass

Deepen your knowledge about self-love and how to overcome negative self-talk in this 3-Month guided series. Follow along with Bethany as she goes through daily lessons combined with introspective journaling prompts.

What's included in this course:

+ 91-Days of Guided Classes

+ 24/7 on-demand videos to follow-along

+ 134 Page digital journal to download with straight-forward journaling prompts

+ Certified professional counselor to guide you through the course

+ Lifetime access—retake as often as you want, at your own pace.

+ Easy to fit into your schedule—take anytime, anywhere

+ Join a supportive community of fellow journalers

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm really busy is this for me?

You'll get lifetime access, meaning you can go through the short classes at your own pace. Our university study showed that participants saw incredible benefits after only 21 days!

How long is each class?

Each class is 15-20 minutes

How do I access the videos?

You'll get access to our video library where you can stream from anywhere at any time.

What People Are Saying

"I am on my 3rd time through this Masterclass. I have shared it with 4 other friends because I believe everyone needs to take a step by step journey to learn about their real self. These classes lead you through the process. My joy is inner peace and I pray this for everyone."

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Christy M.
Verified Buyer

I used these daily classes alongside weekly therapy sessions to recover from anxiety and depression. It was really useful to reiterate all the lessons I was learning in my therapy and taught me how to be consistent with all the tools I was learning to use to better love myself. I am in a much better place because of the benefits these classes added to my therapy sessions.

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Rachel C.
Verified Buyer

I learned about your masterclass from a friend. It was the best information someone could have given me. The 91 days I spent learning about myself made me a new person. I discovered things about myself and myself that I hadn’t realized before. I’m more mindful of me and my life now. Thanks for the lessons I’ve learned.

<div class="editor-content"><p style="line-height: 1.25"><span style="font-size: 0.875rem">Suzette G.</span></p><p style="line-height: 1.25"><span style="font-size: 0.875rem; color: #00000063">Verified Buyer</span><br></p></div>,

Suzette G.

Verified Buyer

After just 21 days...

Participants felt 41% less isolated. Users also rated their overall self-compassion and self-acceptance had increased by 35%.

- Research Study | Rhyann McKay, PhD Candidate at University of British Columbia & Sean Locke, PhD at Brock University.

After just 91 days...

Participants found their self-kindness increased by 49% and their mindfulness increased by 42%. They also rated that their self-blame had decreased by 29%.

- Research Study | Rhyann McKay, PhD Candidate at University of British Columbia & Sean Locke, PhD at Brock University.

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Meet your new coach

The Self-Love Masterclass is completely science-backed and was designed in collaboration with over a dozen mental health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors. The entire 3-month journey is facilitated by licensed Therapist Bethany Macgillivray.

"I work with clients to cultivate awareness by building on their strength, resources, and resiliency. Beginning where traditional counselling leaves off, I come from a place of curiosity and compassion and help individuals dig deep to uncover their strengths and embody self-compassion." - Bethany M.

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+ Enhance your confidence and reprogram your mind towards self-compassion

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